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Harry George

Harry George is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist living in Tucson, Arizona. His first volume of poems, The Cries of Merlin, will be published in 2022. More than fifty years ago, the National Magic Company published Harry George versus Magic.

Now You See It. Now You Don’t.

Disappearance in the context of conjuring includes close-up magic, parlor magic, and stage magic. Close-up magicians, at a bar or table for example, are always vanishing coins, cards, cigarettes or handkerchiefs; in the bigger venue of the parlor (for example a magician performing in the family room at a child’s birthday party) they might be vanishing a glass of milk or a dove or rabbit; and, on a stage, they are famously able to vanish their traditionally female assistant, but now and then they vanish something even larger, like an elephant or the Statue of Liberty.


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SEPT 2023

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