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Harry Feder

Harry Feder is a former attorney. He clerked for the Hon. Stewart G. Pollock of the Supreme Court of New Jersey. He teaches history, government, and law at the Beacon School in Manhattan. He is working on a book about the relationship of high school education and American democracy.

Vote Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Two recent books by a pair of lawyer/journalists attempt to help the general public understand our convoluted state-specific system of voting, the barriers to real democratic voice, and what we need to do to increase voter participation. They are both useful almanacs for how voting works, how to actually vote, and the barriers placed inhibiting participation.

Heather McGhee’s The Sum of Us

Heather McGhee, in her book The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together, nobly aspires to a brighter American future of a functioning multiracial democracy through the use of a shopworn Enlightenment trick—rational evidence-based appeals to material self-interest.


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