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Hallie Chametzky

Hallie Chametzky is a dance artist, writer, and archivist based in East Harlem.

m i c c a and the Landscape of Grief

In a winter forest of evergreen trees on Far Rockaway Beach, P I N E exercises our collective losses.

May You Pay Attention

In TERRITORY: The Island Remembers, zavé martohardjono and a team of collaborators collide the contemporary with the ancient and the real with the imagined. Their colorful, multimodal world is a lesson in how we have harmed ours, and what it will take to heal it.

Bill T. Jones Dancing Through Disease in Can You Bring It and Afterwardsness

Can You Bring It: Bill T. Jones and D-Man in the Waters is a new documentary about Bill T. Jones’s seminal, AIDS-era work. Afterwardsness, his newest production, reflects on the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing assaults on Black lives. Viewed together, they offer seemingly contradictory but ultimately profound lessons on dance’s role in moving through personal and societal grief.


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SEPT 2022

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