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Freddy Gomez

Freddy Gomez edits the website for social critique, libertarian in sensibility, A contretemps--successor to the journal of that name published on paper from 2001 to 2014—in which this essay first appeared. He is also the author of several books, including Éclats d’anarchie, passage de mémoire (2015) and Dédicaces (2018), both published by Rue des Cascades (Paris).

Two Friends

I have two friends. One is named Petro. Without warning, he left Paris and his job as a construction worker to return to his native Ukraine. This was a few days before Putin's “special operation.” He went just like that, to be with his family, in case they needed him. The other friend is named Oleg. An older student in his spare time, he earns his living as a waiter in a Russian restaurant in Paris. I learned from him that Petro had left. Worried, he wanted to know if I had heard from Petro. I didn't have any news. I had put Oleg and Petro in contact with each other a few years ago.


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