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Enrique Serpa

Enrique Serpa (1900–1968) was born in Havana. A journalist, his first literary venture came in 1925 with the publication of Felisa and I in 1938, his book Contraband brought fame and recognition. A tireless reporter, cultural attaché of the Cuban Embassy in Paris between 1952 and 1959, Enrique Serpa was soon forgotten after the advent of Castro’s revolution and is little known outside of Cuba today.

Shark Fins

Within the waters of his sleep, Felipe had the vague sensation that the sound of his alarm pursued him like a determined fish. Half-awake, he hardly noticed when his wife beside him turned over in bed. Then he opened his eyes. And when he saw a ray of light falling like a twine of gold from a thin gap along the front door, he jumped up, bare feet on the ground.


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