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Elizabeth Lothian

Elizabeth Lothian is a writer living in New York.

Adrián Villar Rojas & Mariana Telleria: El fin de la imaginación

Alone in the gallery, I reflect on how the violence of war and battles both large and small is often memorialized as heroism. I consider how the preservation of these monuments preserves the power of violence and how through this preservation the destruction of the collective is glorified. Perhaps at the end of imagination our new beginning will bloom not from what we remember but rather from what we leave behind, dead and unrescued.

Hua Hsu’s Stay True: A Memoir

The son of Taiwanese immigrants, Hsu is the one to tell us his story of friendship, identity building, grief, and his search for solace after tragedy, by taking us back then to his teenage years in the Bay Area in the nineties.


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SEPT 2023

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