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Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson is an oil painter, art writer, and guest curator, based in Easton, Pennsylvania. Her landscape paintings fuse realism and abstraction by interlocking distorted photographic images and lush surfaces.

David Henderson: Disturbances

David Henderson’s solo exhibition, Disturbances, at Slag features CAD-designed sculptures whose intricate, continuous surfaces challenge the mind with labyrinthine change. Designs that might seem unapproachable on the computer feel warm, intriguing and otherworldly after being fabricated from layers of plywood, foam, or fiberglass.

Don Doe: I’ll Have What They’re Having

I’ll Have What They’re Having highlights Don Doe’s constructive/destructive visual devices that challenge viewers to juggle and decode multiple pictures and surfaces.

Nancy Graves: Synecdoche II

Complementing Synecdoche (December 2013 – January 2014), Locks Gallery presents Synecdoche II, a collection of Nancy Graves’s mid-1970s paintings and drawings that evolved from her “Lunar Orbiter” series, which extrapolates NASA lunar surface maps into fragmentary, mysterious, abstract spaces.


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