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Elisabeth Ng

is the production associate at the Public Theater and an artistic associate of the Playwriting Collective. She has produced work at The Tank, 14 Street Y, Video Art and Experimental film festival among others and was awarded the ICWP 50/50 applause award in 2016 for her commitment to diversity in producing. Her plays have been staged in various iterations of the OMPF in NYC.

In Conversation

The Other White America: Poverty, Inclusivity, and the Ball Grant: JOSHUA YOUNG with Elisabeth Ng

Joshua Young reads like your typical straight, white man, and I am an Asian female immigrant. We are not who the immediate zeitgeist would identify as allies in the push for diverse representation in theater.

"I Shame You Because I Love You" and Other Songs: Slanty Eyed Mama’s Zombie Asian Moms

Slanty Eyed Mama are a spoken word/electronic music duo comprised of actor/playwright Kate Rigg and electric violinist Lyris Hung whose shows are a fusion of rock songs, stand-up comedy, theater, and video installation. Their new show, Zombie Asian Moms, goes up at Tony Award-winning La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club from November 29th to December 9th. 

In Conversation

Venturing into the Dark with a Lifeline: PAUL CALDERON with Elisabeth Ng

Obie Award-winning actor Paul Calderon’s new play Master of the Crossroads makes its world premiere at The Bridge Theater. You may have seen him in Pulp Fiction, Boardwalk Empire, Madam Secretary, or more recently on AMC’s Fear of the Walking Dead.

In Dialogue

The Art of Supporting a Writing Life: Joshua Young and Phillip Christian Smith with Elisabeth Ng

Romantic “poverty” does not enrich the artist. If anything, financial stability allows time and energy for creative work.


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