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Elinor Krichmar

Elinor Krichmar, born and raised in Brooklyn, is a Programs Associate at the Brooklyn Rail.

Corporeal Currents

Tere O’Connor’s Rivulets begins in complete darkness. The music—an original score composed by O’Connor himself—permeates the space, filling the entire building for a moment. The lights rise, and the performers, relaxed over each other, gently awaken, stirred by the music.

Disorientation in Água

Emotion and sensuality take corporeal forms in Água. Swirls ripple through the bodies, and facial expressions comprise part of the choreography as well.

In Conversation

Ishmael Houston-Jones with Elinor Krichmar

Variations on Themes from Lost and Found: Scenes from a Life and other works by John Bernd was originally conceived and performed as part of Danspace Project’s Platform 2016: Lost and Found. Its 2023 reprisal continues to explore and recover the legacies of a generation of artists lost from AIDS complications, centering the choreography and writing of John Bernd, a performance artist active in New York City’s downtown dance scene during the 1980s. Bernd’s piece Surviving Love and Death, performed at Performance Space 122 in 1981, is one of the earliest performance works to address HIV/AIDS, before it even had a name. Co-directed by Miguel Gutierrez and Ishmael Houston-Jones, a friend, collaborator, and caregiver of John Bernd’s, Variations collages and reshapes his body of work, carrying its spirit into the present.


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