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Edley ODowd

A graduate of Purchase College in New York, Edley ODowd joined forces with Genesis P-Orridge in 2003 to reactivate Psychic TV. He has produced the music and created the graphic designs for nearly all Psychic TV (often referred to as PTV3) releases and merchandising since the band’s reactivation. A first-ever gallery exhibition of ODowd’s work entitled: Discipline: The Art Of Psychic TV, 2003 – 2016, was on view from September 8 - 29, 2017 at the Lethal Amounts gallery space in Downtown Los Angeles. An accompanying hard cover book of the same name was also released at the same time. Although still making art and music, ODowd has turned his focus in recent years to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a counselor, he currently works as a mental health wellness specialist in New York City.

Edley ODowd

In 1998 I had received a call from my old friend (and first girlfriend back in 1984) Jackie. Best known to most as "Lady Jaye.” She reported that she was back in NYC and had taken over her grandmother’s building in the now gentrified area of Ridgewood.


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