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Dina Peone

Dina Peone teaches nonfiction at the University of Chicago. She is at work on a memoir about escaping a house fire with severe burns when she was a morbid teenager.

Playing the Beautiful Game: David Hollander’s Anthropica

A grubby mathematician whose wife copulates with everyone but him, Stuart Dregs, has discovered an impossible truth: the human race depletes the Earth’s resources every 30 days, and therefore life—everything in the knowable cosmos—must persist only because we want it to. Dregs’s theory of creation-as-desire powers the premise of Anthropica, a new novel by David Hollander that amplifies the imminent dangers of global warming while destabilizing the familiar patterns of both modern life and mainstream fiction, such as the notion that characters (humans) are driven by a sense of purpose toward a climax (a life-defining event such as marriage).


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JUNE 2023

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