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David Szalay

DAVID SZALAY is an English writer. His surname is pronounced SOL-loy. He was born in Canada, moved to the UK the following year and has lived there ever since. He studied at Oxford University and has written a number of radio dramas for the BBC. His novel All That Man Is,  published in 2016, was a finalist for the Man Booker Prize.

In Conversation

New Routes in Fiction: David Szalay with Alec Niedenthal

Before this interview I’d read two of David Szalay’s novels, All That Man Is and London and the Southeast (both from Graywolf). The former was nominated for last year’s Man Booker prize; the latter, David’s first novel—he has written a total of four—is being published on our side of the Atlantic for the first time this fall. The text below applies more to All That Man Is than to London, which is a more conventionally structured book.


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