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David Hershkovits

David Hershkovits is a writer, editor and publisher who taught English at LSUNO and began as a journalist at the Courier, a New Orleans weekly. Moving back to New York in the late 70s, he joined the staff of the Soho Weekly News. Hershkovits co-founded Paper magazine in 1984 and co-edited the books From Abfab to Zen: Paper’s Guide to Pop Culture (1994) and 20 Years of Style: The World According to Paper (2004). He has written for GQ, Vanity Fair, Max (Germany), High Times, the New York Post, Daily News, Newsday and others. He also hosted the Light Culture podcast, focusing on culture and cannabis.

In Conversation

Henry Threadgill with David Hershkovits

Henry Threadgill’s Easily Slip Into Another World: A Life in Music (co-written with Brent Hayes Edwards) is the biography we didn’t know we needed. Threadgill’s musical achievements as a saxophonist, flutist, and Pulitzer-Prize winning composer are well-documented. Oh, but the stories he can tell.


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