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Dana Notine

Dana Notine is an independent curator and art historian based in Brooklyn, New York. She has curated shows with Hauser & Wirth, Established Gallery, and Art in Buildings. She is the 2022 Visiting Curator and Writer for Ki Smith Gallery. Notine completed her undergraduate studies in Art History at the Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY) and her MA at Hunter College (CUNY), where she completed her thesis on the 1999 artwork Quiet: We Live in Public by Josh Harris. She has worked with organizations such as The Brooklyn Museum and Art 21 and contributed writing to Assemblage Journal and Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art, in addition to the Brooklyn Rail.

Talia Levitt: My Moon

Levitt’s works sensitively depict objects atop tapestries which are cropped to suggest clothing or the body. A grid overlays the patterned backgrounds of the paintings, resulting in an acrylic texture that mimics a textile weave.

Steeped in Spilled Milk pt.2

Steeped is defiant and elegant in its selection of varied media, united by simultaneous delicacy and strength; a complex and individualized breed of alterity riddled with conflicting experiences of both pleasure and pain, love and hatred, danger and desire.


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