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D. Dominick Lombardi

D. Dominick Lombardi is a visual artist, art writer, and curator. His current traveling 45-year retrospective opens at the Dowd Gallery/SUNY Cortland in early March.

Allie McGhee: Parallax

The art of Allie McGhee evokes such a youthful and uncompromising focus on variations in scale, texture, technique, and color theory that it defies any preconception one might have of an eighty-one-year-old artist.

Roy Dowell

The first thing visitors may notice about Roy Dowell’s paintings is the mystical aspect of the work—the ritualistic nature of the forms, even the otherworldly feel of the narrative that falls somewhere between the more abstract paintings by Marsden Hartley and the wild visions of the hallucinatory interstellar traveler Adolf Wölfli.


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MARCH 2023

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