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Craig Shepard

Wandelweiser composer CRAIG SHEPARD organizes the Music for Contemplation concert series in Brooklyn and facilitates Creating Music Together workshops and retreats. His piece Trumpet City will be performed with forty trumpets in Berlin on September 17.

What I Learn from Pauline Oliveros

Although she passed away last November, Pauline remains very present for me, and I find that her spirit and words come to mind a few times each week. I’m not alone: her work continues in the Center for Deep Listening, through her publications, and in the lives of many musicians and Deep Listening practitioners around the world.

What I Learn From... Christian Wolff

How I know him: In 2002, Eva-Maria Houben organized a workshop called “Neue Klarinettöne” at the University of Dortmund, co-taught by Christian Wolff and Jürg Frey. I was the only trombonist among eight clarinetists.


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