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Conor Lauesen

Conor Lauesen holds a PhD from Stanford’s Department of Art History.

Lynda Benglis

Spanning five decades of creative output, Lynda Benglis’s solo show at Locks Gallery in Philadelphia is an inebriating—and joyous—encounter with the artist’s uncompromising creative practice.

Michiko Itatani: Celestial Stage

Theatrical and resplendent, contemporary artist Michiko Itatani’s exhibition Celestial Stage occupies the top two-floors at the Wrightwood 659 Gallery in Chicago. Organized by Ashley Janke, this forty-year retrospective is composed predominantly of large-scale tableau paintings, sculpture, and site-specific objects.

Larry Day

Body Language: The Art of Larry Day celebrates the centenary year of Larry Day (1921–98), a visual maestro and brooding intellectual figure in post-war American art. Curated by British art historian David Bindman, the show is at a trio of Philadelphia sites.


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