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Clare Gemima

Clare Gemima is a contributor to the Brooklyn Rail.

Lucy Mullican: Sensed As Well As Seen

Over the course of two or so years, Lucy Mullican wandered far and wide through various parts of the globe. Staying with friends along the way, she would explore new environments on foot, finding beauty in discarded, organic matter, bygone possessions and misplaced building fragments. The artist began to forage for nature’s charming yet overlooked souvenirs, and never stopped.

Tess Bilhartz: Follow Me Down

Taking shape through glistening metallic scales and boundless oceanic interiors, Tess Bilhartz’s Follow Me Down grants viewers entry and exploration into a new terrain, yet offers no certainty of an escape.

Elbert Joseph Perez: Just Living the Dream

Elbert Joseph Perez’s sobering humor and historical fixation instill an anxiety-inducing literalness, crying out from somewhere between the borrowed opulence of historical, still-life masterpieces, and a gravitational interest in the concept of “existence,” described by the artist as a “baseline misery.”


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