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Christopher T. Richards

Christopher T. Richards is an art historian living in Brooklyn. He specializes in medieval art and queer visual cultures, and his research considers picture theory, the history of sexuality, and especially their intersection. Christopher is currently a fellow with the Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust and Rare Book School, University of Virginia.

Tirtzah Bassel: Canon in Drag

Visitors will likely come to Tirtzah Bassel’s exciting new exhibition Canon in Drag with an expectation of gender inversion and playful camp—and Bassel doesn’t disappoint.

Sig Olson: This Has Happened

Sig Olson’s first solo exhibition This Has Happened, curated by art historian Ksenia M. Soboleva, leads with an ambitious thesis. Per Soboleva’s introduction to the exhibition’s zine, Olson’s current work is a trauma response. These artworks, on view in the second room at the Tappeto Volante gallery in Gowanus, might be described in general terms as abstraction—color-field paintings on paper.


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