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Carlos Fonseca

Carlos Fonseca is Lecturer in Latin American Literature and Culture and Fellow of Trinity College, University of Cambridge, UK. He is the author of Coronel Lágrimas (2015), Museo animal (2017), and the book of essays La lucidez del miope (2017), which won the National Prize for Literature in Costa Rica.

from Austral

Professor Julio Gamboa, the protagonist of Carlos Fonseca's latest novel, Austral, is summoned by post to the Humahuaca mountain valley in Argentina. Here, renowned writer and intimate from Julio's youth, Aliza Abravanel, retreated in her final days to complete a tetralogy on the elements. The landscape perfectly matches Abravanel's project: the sunbleached-rainbow striations of sedimentary rock give visual form to her book on earth, Strata, or, alternatively-titled, her Dictionary of Loss.


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