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Candice Thompson

Candice Thompson is a writer and dance critic living in Brooklyn.

The Beach-as-Stage: Moriah Evans’s REPOSE Demands Your Attention

The latest iteration of Beach Sessions Dance Series unfolded one durational live artwork from one artist. Traveling a 1.4 mile stretch of Rockaway Beach, REPOSE delighted beachgoers and an intrepid dance audience for six hours.

How to Commune

Reggie Wilson reimagines a Black Shaker history in POWER at BAM.

In Conversation

Kyle Marshall with Candice Thompson

Pre-pandemic, Kyle Marshall was in artistic overdrive dancing and touring with Trisha Brown Dance Company while also directing and making work for his own company, Kyle Marshall Choreography. The early months of the pandemic offered him a chance to slow down.

A Study of the Body

Five rectangular screens hang down like stair steps hovering over the stage of Jerron Herman’s VITRUVIAN. Extending in a diagonal line, each screen displays the same drawing by contemporary artist Chella Man. A big nod to Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man (c. 1490), the image depicts two superimposed sketches of Herman’s body. In an obvious departure from the classical image, the body is drafted as a quick sketch with legs of differing lengths that push past the circular frame, and shorter arms that fail to reach it.

A New Sun Rises in Tiger Hands

Benjamin Akio Kimitch Debuts a Transfixing Experiment Complicating Tropes of “East” and “West.”

Tender Mafia

Monica Mirabile’s all things under dog is a daughter’s love letter to her father and a treatise of care dedicated to her fellow artists.

The Night Falls

On February 11, this winking introduction to the world premiere of BalletCollective’s The Night Falls, co-produced with PEAK Performances, is a promising setup, establishing a sense of place that is both dangerous and humorous.

We Are in Catastrophe

Faye Driscoll’s Weathering begins with voices. Singing, “teeth, skin, mouth,” the performers develop a harmony around the repetition of the word “skin.”


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