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Candice Chu

Candice C. Chu is an artist and educator based in New York and Los Angeles. She received an M.F.A. in Studio Art from NYU and a B.A. in the History of Art and Architecture from Brown University.

Rosemary Mayer: Ways of Attaching

Ways of Attaching at Swiss Institute, Mayer’s first institutional survey, presents a luminous collection of visual work, which glows with the attention and endearment her clearly held for her projects.

John Ashbery’s ​​Something Close to Music: Late Art Writings, Poems, and Playlists

This book allows one to read with as much freedom as one listens to a playlist, in sequence or on shuffle. Read it as a playlist, or as any artwork that is drawn from the stuff of life, discover the biography revealed at its edges and interpret it as a portrait, a diary, or a letter from John Ashbery.


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2023

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