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Cam Cronin

Cam Cronin is a writer, consultant, and not-so-reluctant performer. He once confessed this, along with his love of turtlenecks, aloud in a comedy club and was appropriately heckled. He lives in Brooklyn.

In Conversation

“Putting Your Shame Out There”: How a Booming Instagram Account Wields Comedy, Mimicry, and Advocacy

Jonathan Hoover may have started his Instagram account @inappropriatepatti for kicks—when you have the singular ability to parrot Broadway legend Patti LuPone, why not share it with the internet? But a talent for mimicry, like his booming account, has evolved into something greater: a source for comedy in dark times, and more importantly the vehicle for raising funds for justice. Here, Cam Cronin dives into the person and persona of Jonathan Hoover and how artistry is inextricably tied to activism.


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SEPT 2023

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