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Bob Rosenthal

Bob Rosenthal (b. 1950) is the author of Straight Around Allen: On the Business of Being Allen Ginsberg, Beatdom Books 2019, & Cleaning Up New York, republished by Little Book Room, 2016. Books of poetry: Morning Poems, Lies About the Flesh, Rude Awakenings, Viburnum, and Eleven Psalms; plays co-written with Bob Holman: The Cause of Gravity, The Whore of the Alpines, Bicentennial Suicide, Clear The Range.

In Conversation

A Conversation Between Maggie Dubris & Bob Rosenthal

Maggie Dubris and Bob Rosenthal, two friends from the creatively fertile days when it was cheap to live on the Lower East Side, have recently published books that are hard to classify but a buzz to read.


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APRIL 2023

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