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Benjamin Tischer

Formerly co-owner of the gallery INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, Benjamin Tischer is an independent curator, art advisor, and private dealer operating under the moniker New Discretions. New Discretions represents the estates of BREYER P-ORRIDGE, Stephen Irwin, Bob Mizer, and Alan Vega, as well as working with living artists such as Vaginal Davis, Paul Gabrielli, Clarity Haynes, Cary Leibowitz, Matthew Porter, and Marianne Vitale.

Benjamin Tischer

Genesis on stage was a glorious thing. That voice and the interplay between the astute, the obscene, and the absurd glued one's attention like a fly to a trap. He/r renditions were utterly spellbinding. S/he was a master of intonation and timing. S/he controlled the word. S/he knew its power.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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