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Astria Suparak

Astria Suparak is an artist, writer, and curator whose cross-disciplinary projects address complex and urgent issues (like institutionalized racism, feminisms and gender, colonialism) made accessible through a popular culture lens, such as Hollywood movies, rock music, and sports. Over the last year, her installations, videos, multimedia presentations, and murals have been presented at institutions including MoMA, The Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, The Walker Art Center, and The Wattis Institute.

Astria Suparak and Chandan Reddy

“It’s so important that we see the work that you’re doing right now, and particularly the way you contextualize it in relationship to COVID, also in relationship to the Atlanta shooting. Because I think that this is the kind of work that reveals how quickly “Asian” goes from reviled limit of the human to erotic object of desire whose potency as an object of desire is the cause of violence against it.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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