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Anne Tammel

ANNE TAMMEL lives in a house by the sea, writing books about women lost in faraway watery places. Tammel is founder and editor-in-chief of Poets and Dreamers, the literary & fine arts journal and writer’s network featured in CBS Los Angeles. Anne's collection, Endless: A Literate Passion (Saint Julian Press, 2015), made its debut as the number one new release in both Love Poetry and Poetry About Places. Anne is currently at work on a series of novels about Isa, a writer transformed by the journeys she must take to solve the mysteries of several missing women, one of them Amelia Earhart. More about Anne at

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Through Cotto’s hypnotic prose, one finds themselves lost in the less-explored villages of Italy as they harvest wild truffles from roadside trees, savor local cuisine (cucina tipica) with unlabeled bottles of exquisite wine, and fall in love with a different side of humanity; one becomes reminded of the passionate view of life and the world.


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OCT 2021

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