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Andrey Henkin

Andrey Henkin is a writer based in Queens, whose work has appeared in Stereophile, WeJazz, The New York City Jazz Record, CODA, Signal to Noise, Jazz.RU and accompanying numerous albums. He maintains the obituary website

Blood Brothers

When seven-string guitarist Álvaro Domene and alto saxophonist Álvaro Pérez met in Madrid, Spain in 2011, not only was the “same level of passion and hunger for real, creative, and exploratory high-level collaborative music” immediately evident, says Domene, “having the same name, rather than being confusing, to us was kind of a strange cosmic coincidence because it’s not that common of a name.”


When watching the trio on YouTube, the players really advertise their influences: leader/saxophonist Anton Ponomarev has the shaggy tresses of a seventies European free-jazzer; electric bassist Konstantin Korolev, tall, bald, and bearded, screams extreme metal; and drummer Andrey Kim, lanky and shirtless, recalls the glory days of eighties–nineties NYC hardcore.


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APRIL 2023

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