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Anandi Mishra

Anandi Mishra is a writer and communicator living in Delhi. She tweets at @anandi010.

The Endless Hunger of Shiva Baby

Food serves as the nourishing spirit of Shiva Baby, a wild, unpredictable, and unnerving ride whose witty dialogue and darkly humorous setting are sorely reminiscent of TV series like Fleabag and BoJack Horseman.

India’s Second COVID-19 Wave

In the last three weeks, as I have tried to write this essay on different days, it has continued to elude me. First, I was crumbling physically and mentally in the throes of the virus. My frail body had gone weaker than ever before. I kept underestimating it, treating it like a seasonal flu, as my parents in the hinterland, 400 kilometers away from Delhi, thought about their cases.


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SEPT 2022

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