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Amy Rahn

Amy Rahn, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Art History and Charles Danforth Gallery Director University of Maine at Augusta.

John Walker: New Work

Resurrection III (2022), the first painting in John Walker: New Work, is an almost entirely cobalt-blue and white canvas stretching seven feet high. A vertical primer-white passage cuts upward through the blue, with lateral extensions branching left and right.

Mina Loy: Strangeness is Inevitable

Curated by renowned curator and scholar Jennifer R. Gross, whose research and propulsive writing build a strong current that seamlessly carries all the components of this complex show, the exhibition gathers a stunning variety of drawings, paintings, paper collages, and archival materials in its forceful argument that Loy was foremost, and in the current expansive meaning of the word, an artist.


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SEPT 2023

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