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Alexi Chacon

Alexi Chacon is a culture critic and Managing Editor at Token Theatre Friends. He is primarily interested in intersecting his community organizing experience and social policy research with his criticism. You can find him on Twitter at @alexic213.

The Dramaturg’s Perspective: A Conversation with Amauta Firmino

Writer Alexi Chacon talks with Amauta Firmino, the Dramaturg of Slave Play, about his work on Broadway’s most TONY nominated play in history, his dramaturgical process, and surviving as a dramaturg.

The American Dream Becomes a Queer, Coming-of-Age Videogame in american (tele)visions

In an absurd world that refuses to treat immigrants as human beings, Victor I. Cazares makes the case in american (tele)visions that it’s time to dream up a world that treats immigrant narratives with dignity.


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