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Alexandra Drexelius

Alexandra Drexelius is a writer based in Chicago, IL.

Inga Danysz: In Ancient Rome

There is something old and familiar, yet out of step in Inga Danysz’s new sculptures. Glistening tombs for the future, they hint that something has already passed, but whatever that thing is—an object, a person—it has yet to come. Or maybe it has come and gone unnoticed, and is now poised to return.

Shana Hoehn: Basket Toss

Inhale deeply and try to hold your breath. A thin trace of air propelled from the groin to the belly to the lungs to the nostrils lingers; a tight sensation suffuses the chest and head. How long can the body endure the dense emptiness that anticipates an exhale? This is the tension embodied in Shana Hoehn’s sculptures now on view at Prairie in Chicago, Illinois.

Mike Goodlett: Desire Itself

Time stopped this summer for Mike Goodlett. He passed away on the last day of June at his home and studio in Wilmore, Kentucky, where he spent the past 30 years living and working. This was not merely a marriage of convenience: Goodlett’s work was intimately informed by his cloistered surroundings.

Josephine Pryde: The Vibrating Slab and Club Med

Pryde appears apathetic towards distinctions between the natural and the manmade. She seizes moments of physical flux where material substrates emerge in the process of deformation and wear, whether it be wind whipping a mountain-face or water distorting a tablet screen. Apprehension of what a thing is emerges in the instant it falls apart.


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