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Albert Cossery

ALBERT COSSERY was an Egyptian-born French writer. Although Cossery lived most of his life in Paris and only wrote in the French, all of his novels were either set in his home country of Egypt or in an imaginary Middle Eastern country. He was nicknamed "The Voltaire of the Nile". His writings pay tribute to the humble and to the misfits of his childhood in Cairo, as well as praise a form of laziness and simplicity very distant from our contemporary society.

The Perpetually Barking Man in the Best of All Possible Worlds

Abdel-Chakour waited a moment longer, then left the café and wandered down the streets at random. He felt humiliated in his entire outsized being. It was a great humiliation, equal to his standing. It filled him completely. He buttoned his baggy canvas jacket in an attempt to cover himself.


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