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Adriana Farmiga

Adriana Farmiga is a first generation Ukrainian American, artist, curator, educator, associate dean, lap swimmer and motel owner, who lives and works in the Hudson Valley.

On Flux

“Clean, Flux, Solder, and Heat”: the order of operations for joining metals. In this process of metalworking, flux is indispensable as a chemical agent that prevents funk and oxidation—though it should not be thought of as an antioxidant, like, you know, blueberries. You wouldn’t want to ingest flux: it is highly corrosive, and it can actually cause a bit of drama in your joinery if it’s used improperly, or without precision and purpose. But as a mediating material between a metal surface and solder, flux facilitates amalgamation, and it generally makes for better transitions in a state of heat and flow.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUNE 2023

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