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Adele Bertei

Adele Bertei is a writer, director, performer, and musician. Her most recent book is Why Labelle Matters (University of Texas Press, 2021).

In Conversation

Adele Bertei with Luc Sante

Luc Sante and Adele Bertei met in 1977 while both were working at the Strand Bookstore, which at the time was a kind of hub of the No Wave. They have remained friends ever since, although Bertei removed to the west coast while Sante stayed in the east. Sante wrote books; Bertei sang in arenas, acted and directed, and wrote books. The two had a conversation about gender, class, vocal stylings, and outer and inner space. Their most recent offerings are Sante”s Maybe the People Would Be the Times, and Bertei’s Why Labelle Matters


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