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Adam Beal

ADAM BEAL is a contributor to the Brooklyn Rail.

Subway Drawing: Guno Park, Animation, and the Line

People let their guard down on subways the way they do in the back seat of cars or on long flights. The constant motion soothes them to sleep, open mouthed, body heavy, slumped into a posture perfect for an artist like Guno Park, who after 10 years in New York, has developed a talent for spotting subway slumberers.

In Plain Sight

What life events could have caused an artist like Pagliuso to move from photographing Hollywood actors and directors to Malian ruins and fowl? And if the subjects spanning her fifty-year career are so different, why does the exhibition have such uniformity in color, tone, and style?


When a new experience affects your established perception of an object, it is called apperception.

Place for Continuous Eye Contact (8): A Test-Drive with Mindfulness

Eyes are at once revealing and removing. They can draw us into others or help us see ourselves as an other. But when suspended in multicolored, dimensionless fabric, as Anspach has discovered, they have the power to do both.

Fragmenticos: Memories of Colombia.

When Colombian Security Forces shot down Pablo Escobar on the rooftops of his Medellín compound, Brooklyn-based artists Esteban Ocampo Giraldo was also in Medellín. He was five.


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