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Founded in October 2000, the Brooklyn Rail provides an independent forum for arts, culture, and politics throughout New York City and far beyond.

“The Brooklyn Rail is a journal with a real soul; the soul of the art and artists of our time. Insightful and timely, honest and generous, it is essential reading for anyone who cares about the cultural life of the city.”
— Glenn Lowry, Director of MoMA

The Rail is for those who read and think critically about art, culture, and our society. Our readership spans everyone from students of the arts to influential artists, writers, professors, curators, collectors and leaders in the arts.

The Brooklyn Rail publishes 10 issues a year and is distributed free of charge in print, online, and on Instagram.

Print copies of the Rail can be found around New York City in cultural institutions and colleges. They are in such demand that new issues run out the day after arriving on stands.

The Rail also ships to a growing list of national and international subscribers.

“The Brooklyn Rail forges communities across cultural disciplines, boroughs, and ideologies. A brilliantly conceived and beautifully executed newspaper, The Rail is making an absolutely crucial contribution to the intellectual life of the city and even the nation.”
– Richard Serra, Artist

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