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The Miraculous

The Miraculous: Music

41. 1972–74, Akron, Ohio; London

A 20-year-old Ohio native whose accomplishments include dropping out of several universities, consuming as many drugs and as much alcohol as she can afford, and alarming her parents, is perusing a magazine stand at a shopping mall when, to her astonishment, she comes across a recent issue of the British music weekly New Musical Express.

The Miraculous: Music

42. Sometime in the 1980s, London

Two British music journalists meet for lunch in a Holland Park bistro ...

The Miraculous: Music

43. 1960, Los Angeles

A youth aged 17 (or, in some accounts, 15) is sent to jail for stealing $30,000 worth of automobile tires. Prior to this, he and his younger brother comprised a two-person gang that ruled their neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles.

The Miraculous: Music

44. 1960, Bad Nauheim, Germany; New York City

Drafted into the US Army and sent to Germany, a 23-year-old is struck by a recent recording of the classic Neapolitan ballad “O Sole Mio.”

The Miraculous: Music

45. 1897–98, Naples, Italy

A Neapolitan singer-songwriter (whom we will call Composer #1) buys a collection of 23 melodies from another musician (Composer #2), who is also Neapolitan.


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