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AS220 has always operated as and continues to be a community center and residential hub for artists living and working in Providence. AS220 was founded in 1985 by Umberto Crenca, Susan Clausen, and Scott Seabolt, just one year before the organization started rolling out weekly episodes of TV220.

Carlos Conceição’s Tommy Guns

The genre-bending war and B-horror flick utilizes the colonized as zombies haunting land occupiers in order to evoke the eternal hauntings of colonialism in Angola. It examines the last months of the Angolan War of Independence between the resisting denizens and the imperialist army.

Fifty Years Later—Chilean Cinema Before the Coup

Chilean cinema prior to the September 1973 coup gave us a portrait of a hopeful nation before it would be changed forever.

Michael Snow: A Life Survey (1955–2020)

The exhibition, which spans sixty-five years, affirms Snow’s place in the pantheon of great visual humorists. It also suggests that he was perhaps the consummate contemporary artist. His comic greatness and his mastery of the procedures of contemporary art are very much entwined.

K.D. Davison’s Fragments of Paradise

SUMMARY Davison does what Mekas refused to do his whole life: follow, more or less, chronology and a clear narrative arc in examining his essential role in forming the independent filmmaking scene in New York.


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