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Francesca Woodman’s The Artist’s Books

Now, with the release of Francesca Woodman: The Artist’s Books, even the most informed Woodman fans are discovering that there’s still more they didn’t know about her. Of the eight artist’s books gathered in this volume, only one has ever been previously published and two were rediscovered recently (in the archives of The Woodman Family Foundation, which also include the many notebooks Woodman kept for to-do lists, ideas, and sketches).

Trinh T. Minh-ha’s The Twofold Commitment

A new artist book, The Twofold Commitment by Trinh T. Minh-ha, takes as its point of departure Trinh’s lyrical film Forgetting Vietnam (2015). Commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, the film examines both public and private memory and the official and unofficial histories that emerge in the wake of traumatic events.

Francis Picabia: Catalogue Raisonné Volume IV

With the recent publication of the fourth and final volume of the Francis Picabia Catalogue Raisonné—a life’s work, of which he is a co-author—Camfield obtains his goal of making the WWII series known. Authored by Camfield, Beverley Calté, Candace Clements, and Arnauld Pierre, the four-volume catalogue raisonné includes 2,125 works spanning a range of media, predominantly painting and drawing.

Oliver Husain and Kerstin Schroedinger’s DNCB–A History of Irritation

The first few printed lines of Oliver Husain and Kerstin Schroedinger’s DNCB – A History of Irritation describe a 1987 archival photograph as if from a sideways glance, peripheral details coming into focus before its core subject can be fully taken in. The paragraph goes on to articulate the scene in full: two white men are seated in a San Francisco apartment.

Mina Loy: Strangeness Is Inevitable

This book chronicles her life and work through photographs, letters, sketches, essays, and ephemera with an emphasis on Loy’s artistic pursuits. This canonical omission matters in part because Loy didn’t see her artistic and authorial efforts as separate.

Remedios Varo: Science Fictions

The introduction to this catalogue of this perfectly amazing painter-writer-scientist, a poet in everything she undertook, is entitled “Spirit, Matter, Story, Soul” and so says it all.


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