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In Conversation

Sheila Pepe with Amanda Millet-Sorsa

Sheila Pepe lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and inaugurated her first major public sculpture for the exhibition My Neighbor’s Garden at Madison Square Park, curated by Brooke Kamin Rapaport. We sat down for a conversation at ArtBuilt, which holds studios for artists at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park and where Pepe has had a studio for a number of years.

In Conversation

Jack Pierson with Lyle Rexer

Jack Pierson is one of the artists who has turned photography back to its roots and made it personal. Even as his work has celebrated mass media and the icons of popular culture and gay life—images in widespread circulation—it has awakened a poignancy and nostalgia at the heart of even the most commercial images.

In Conversation

Tariku Shiferaw with Charles M. Schultz

On the occasion of his exhibition at Galerie LeLong Charles Schultz visited Tariku Shiferaw’s studio in the Bronx. Their conversation ranges from the night sky as a site where different civilizations have inscribed their visions of the world to the influence of mythologies on the order of social codes, and what it means when boundaries become porous.

In Conversation

Henry Threadgill with David Hershkovits

Henry Threadgill’s Easily Slip Into Another World: A Life in Music (co-written with Brent Hayes Edwards) is the biography we didn’t know we needed. Threadgill’s musical achievements as a saxophonist, flutist, and Pulitzer-Prize winning composer are well-documented. Oh, but the stories he can tell.


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