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WORKSession in Four Walls

Interdisciplinary artists all, for WORKSession in Four Walls they showcase their common language of the dancing body, beautifully depicted in four unique ways.

Disorientation in Água

Emotion and sensuality take corporeal forms in Água. Swirls ripple through the bodies, and facial expressions comprise part of the choreography as well.

Blackbare in the Basement

Lloyd’s particular rhythm of building and breaking patterns of movement feels familiar in Blackbare in the Basement. The body’s movement, as well as narrative, intellectual, and poetic are made with an almost stunning complexion of precision, humor, and sensitivity.

Rube G.—The Consequence of Action

Jody Oberfelder’s peppy, participatory dance inspired by Rube Goldberg Machines takes an optimistic view of human cause and effect.

Judo and Balance and Imbalance

Promotional materials for the NYC premiere of Bereishit Dance of Korea’s Judo and Balance and Imbalance at NYU Skirball depict the themes for these works as expansive, nearly to the point of meaninglessness: street dance, martial arts, opposition and harmony in relationships, sports, and the transcendence of violent urges.


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APRIL 2023

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