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SEPT 2023 Issue

4+7 Tecs

a first foundation for abya yala

a first interior mask for abya yala

a kernel of ethno-mathematics

after reason

canyons bring us home

correct me if i'm not the corn

dibujo de la mañana

dibujo de la noche

don't try to become like them


the womb of my other soul


Roberto Harrison

Roberto Harrison is a Panamanian American poet and artist. He works with the amazing kids at the Indian Community School in Franklin, Wisconsin. His next book is due out from the City Lights Spotlight series in Spring, 2024, and is titled Isthmus to Abya Yala. He lives in Milwaukee with his wife, the poet Brenda Cárdenas, and their dog Maya.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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