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Derek Jarman’s Blue

This screenplay carves the artist’s own use of blue into the canon. It is an endless performance that one can step into at any moment.

Alex Da Corte: Chicken

This book chronicles a purposely disorderly reinvention of Allan Kaprow’s 1962 performance through reflections, historical essays, documents, and photographic collages.

Sun Ho Lee’s
Is This a Typo?

This collection of personal stories creates a collaged family album of people living in between names, places, cultures, languages, and identities. Borrowing its title from the automated language of word processor spell checks and iMessage autocorrects, it creates a literal and material space for Asian names recognized as errors on digital interfaces.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s ABJD and Tomorrow We Inherit the Earth

This collection of screenplays and essays illustrates the artist’s theory that certain Islamic traditions can be folded into the larger discourse of Queer theory. All of the visuals are otherworldly, with overlapping realities and references to the afterlives of martyrs and political leaders.

Christina Sharpe’s Ordinary Notes

This book offers temperature checks, tonal shifts, and a certain privacy for her Black readers. It involves a deep investment in the language making practice endowed by her mother.


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