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Field Notes

The Jina Rebellion

A young woman falls; a people rises up; it has already been four months that this people—tortured, wounded, bloodied—is still standing, waving a banner with the device: “Woman, Life, Freedom!”

In Conversation

A Weaponized Immigrant: Yasha Levine with Will McDonald

Soviet-American investigative journalist Yasha Levine is currently writing a memoir, publishing it in installments on his Substack. Called The Soviet Jew: A Weaponized Immigrant’s Tale, it is about his family’s emigration from the Soviet Union and subsequent life in America.

No Politics But Class Politics: A Review

In his recent book, Poverty, by America, Matthew Desmond writes, “Poverty might consume your life, but it’s rarely embraced as an identity. It’s more socially acceptable today to disclose a mental illness than to tell someone you’re broke.” The striking thing about this statement is the degree to which it is both completely true and totally wrong.


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