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Maryam Touzani’s The Blue Caftan

The story of Morocco’s official submission to this year’s Oscar category for Best International Feature Film, The Blue Caftan (2022) is woven together by a middle-aged married couple, Halim (Saleh Bakri) and Mina (Lubna Azabal), who own and run a caftan store in the medina of Salé, Morocco.

Samantha Carroll’s Oeuvre

Love Liz—which premiered in September 2022 as part of the second installation of the exhibition Health Ensurance—centers around an aspiring pop star (played by Carroll) who travels to Los Angeles to meet a music producer with whom she has connected over Instagram.

Charlotte Wells’s Aftersun

Thirty-one-year-old Calum (Paul Mescal) and his eleven-year-old daughter Sophie (Frankie Corio) are on their last holiday vacation to Turkey. Twenty years later, Sophie, now a mother herself, looks back at clips recorded on her father’s Panasonic camcorder in an attempt to grasp the fleeting memories of their final time together.

Micaela Saxer and Sepa, Nuestro Señor de Los Milagros

Sepa, or Colonia Penal Agrícola del Sepa, was an open-air penal colony created in 1951 by the Peruvian government as part of the national effort to colonize the Amazon territories. Walter Saxer, a Swiss-German producer, came across the long-obscured prison while working on the five-year production of Fitzcarraldo (1982).

Kyle Edward Ball’s Skinamarink

The little that happens in Skinamarink becomes suffused by digital noise with a nervous energy that is both narratively propulsive and visually potent on its own terms.


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