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TRANSlations: Seattle Trans Film Festival

The trap of visibility is that transness is put on display for dissection for a cis audience which gawks at transgender people. TRANSlations confronts this trap head-on.

Mamadou Sarr and Paulin Soumanou Vieyra’s Afrique sur Seine

Without dialogue, the short film Afrique sur Seine presents slices of African life, shifting from the river banks of the Niger to the Seine and the Latin Quarter of Paris, culminating in an aperçu of 1950s city life from dawn to dusk.

Jane Schoenbrun’s We’re All Going to the World’s Fair

We’re All Going to the World’s Fair is a journey down an internet rabbit hole. Its teenage protagonist, “Casey,” takes the challenge and allows its lore to consume her life. Beyond her relationship to her computer, we learn virtually nothing about her.

Hong Sang-Soo’s In Front of Your Face

In Front of Your Face offers insights about appreciating life in the presence of death that are new and more optimistic assertions for a filmmaker who represents typically male characters at their most desperate.

Panah Panahi’s Hit the Road

It’s a specific road they’re traveling, strange and precarious. But with the playful mood in the car—the family’s gags and eccentric bits—it often feels like a road anyone could ride. In Hit The Road (2021), Panah Panahi has created a road trip movie about immigration, a tragedy that bounces along with the jubilance of a Hollywood blockbuster.


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