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What We Are Saying is Freedom, Not the Veil

Today in Iran we are seeing a party-less revolution led by women, without any leaders. The struggle unfolded rapidly through the growing refusal of women to abide by the mandate to wear the hijab

No COLA, No Contract:
On the Ground at the UC Strike

On November 14, following the largest Strike Authorization Vote in the history of higher-education unionism, some 48,000 academic workers across the University of California system went out on strike.

Technical Expertise and Communist Production

In 1976, the shop stewards at the British Lucas Aerospace Corporation published a document that would come to be known as “The Lucas Plan.” The company was planning to lay off a significant number of workers as part of a restructuring effort. Faced with the prospect of losing their livelihood, many of these workers banded together to propose an alternative: that the British government should intervene to prevent layoffs so that the workers could redeploy the productive assets of the company towards socially useful ends rather than military contracting.


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