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Genji Amino

n e a r

in our relationship,
i am the object / you are the subject

in our relationship,
i am the subject / you are the object

in our relationship,
i am the object / you are the subject

in our relationship,
i am the subject / you are the object1

Partly colored as near white.2 given over to an imaginary of interim, continuum, transition, progression. even as that which is lost in this extraction returns inexorably as the critical and aesthetic reserve of an irrecoverable revenance

of appeal
testament to

and fracas of recognition


bleed maintenance at
the form would cut

monitor out in that space


The personification of what is borrowed by borrowed institutionality is a problem for personhood.3 this middle man is not a man. their minority not a quotient but a derivation of scalar incursion. a recursive measure drawing interiority out into its constitutive opening, where we observe the failure of public impressment to privatize an unseemly remainder

of the leased

shoaled to that

of which one

timely stitch

the tide would seethe to

Disavowal’s sadder accompanist. identification’s refuse faded into the ground as its surface, shamed by admission and introjection. wan melancholy which will be mistaken for a bad desire for human exception, for whiteness, rather than its erratic, erotic discomplexion.4 the incorporation of loss, mouth to mouth. a literalization too transparent to perform. a depression in the language of representation, the glass in the glass closet of formal equivalence. call it abstract


loss free again the reverb
of an attempt

i gather about me
like a ditch or tarmac

beautifully painted out

like a colander
for these saps

these concepts
a bellows

But what language of surface and depth adequately expresses the incorporating effects of melancholy?5 a vision in perpetual view of development gives the lie to the implementation of speaking

from the inside.       white.      inside white.
white noise.       white wind.      snow.      shades.6


  1. Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, audience / distant relative (1977)
  2. Leslie Bow, Partly Colored (2010)
  3. Frank Wilderson, Black Red and White (2010)
  4. Ann Cheng, The Melancholy of Race (2001)
  5. Judith Butler, Gender Trouble (1990)
  6. Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, EXILÉE (1980)


Genji Amino

Genji Amino is a writer and curator based in New York. They were a 2021 Emerge-Surface-Be fellow at the Poetry Project, as well as the curator of Leo Amino: The Visible and the Invisible at David Zwirner Gallery(2020) and No Monument: In the Wake of the Japanese American Incarceration at The Noguchi Museum (2022). Their current exhibition Dead Lecturer / distant relative: Notes from the Woodshed, 1950-1980 is on view at Columbia University's Wallach Art Gallery through October 1, 2022.


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JUL-AUG 2022

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