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Ukraine: The Economic Consequences of the War

In this article, I want to concentrate on the economic causes of this disaster and its implications not only for the future of Ukraine and Russia, but also for the world economy. Of course, economics cannot be divorced from politics; each plays on the other. But to paraphrase Friedrich Engels: in the last analysis, history is driven by material conditions.

The Anti-Viral Struggle and the Social Question

For two years now, the pandemic has had a severe impact on French society, creating an atmosphere of anxiety, fear, and insecurity that paralyzes individuals and congeals worsening conflicts and social problems.

Endgame: Finance and the Close of the Market System

We live, as some have suggested, in an interregnum between a dying regime and some unknown successor.

No Ship Will Come to Save Us

The Berlin expropriation initiative is seen by many as one of the rare left-wing success stories of recent times, and its strategies and tools for “organizing” are being studied with great interest. We do not share this euphoria.


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